KILTR is a social, cultural journal and broadcaster that encourages our users to create, post and share culturally relevant content no matter where they are in the world. From live streamed events such as A Night For Scotland which featured amongst others Franz Ferdinand and Mogwai to political debates and commentary from people such as Noam Chomsky and former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis.

Our series of groundbreaking referendum debates were live streamed from such places as the Lower East Side Girls Club in New York, the CCA in Glasgow and at Platform in Easterhouse. Our live streaming has also seen us broadcast fashion shows in association with Cruise and The Vine and the Scottish Music Awards from the Old Fruitmarket in Glasgow.

Our Good Stuff channel is the place to find the best of our users' content featured alongside KILTR’s own original content ranging from exclusive DJ Mixes, Album Previews and Reviews to articles of cultural interest across Art, Design, Music, Film, Theatre, and Politics. Former guest curators have included Irvine Welsh, Stuart Cosgrove, Alan Bissett and Paul Thomson (Franz Ferdinand) as well as politicians Humza Yousaf, Kezia Dugdale and Patrick Harvie.

Our offKILTR and Street Feastival events are designed to bring our online community closer offline by showcasing the best of Scottish culture and innovation, achieved through our imaginative events programming, embracing and nurturing the wealth of homegrown talent at our disposal. We're taking our events outside of Scotland for the first time in 2016!

KILTR is designed and built in Glasgow and is powered by our own community platform technology, CollectivWorks. We provide new media platforms that are relevant and bring ownership of data and content back to the people who build the community and the people who use it. Through deeper engagement and routes to monetization, CollectivWorks unlocks the potential of communities. In June 2015 we launched a platform for Scottish craft brewer BrewDog's investor community ( which has seen unprecedented rates of engagement since launch. There are many more community platforms in the pipeline and we'll soon be rolling out our social WiFi solution which will put an end to annoying landing pages for free WiFi in Scotland's best clubs/pubs/restaurants and beyond plugging people straight into a stream of vibrant, contextually relevant content.

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